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Hey, I'm Adam Galtrey

I’m a full stack developer based in London, UK with a passion for building high quality websites and applications.

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Hey! I'm Adam, a full stack engineer currently working for JP Morgan in London, UK. Most of my experience lies in designing sleek backend microservices, but I also develop clean and responsive websites when I get time.

I graduated from the University of Southampton with a Bachelors of Engineering back in 2017, and kick started my career in technology on the Amex graduate program.

I taught myself Java from the age of 15 and was heavily involved in the Minecraft open source community for over 5 years. During this time I developed bespoke software for many of the leading server networks, and that experience gave me the skills I needed to help bootstrap my career in technology.

Below you will find a summary of my technical skills, my work experience and some of the exciting projects I've been a part of!

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Technical Skills

Skill: Java
Java7 Years
Skill: Javascript
Javascript5 Years
Skill: Spring
Spring3 Years
Skill: React
React3 Years
Skill: Node JS
Node JS2 Years
Skill: Next JS
Next JS1 Year
Skill: Python
Python1 Year

Here's a more comprehensive list of a number of technologies and tools I have experience with. Covering all areas of the technology stack, from dockerised containers and orchestration systems, to monitoring stacks and CI/CD tool chains.

Elastic SearchElastic Search


Experience : JP Morgan

JP Morgan

Senior AssociateMay 2019 - Present

Working as a backend engineer to develop scalable microservices.

Using some of the latest technologies including: Java 11, Spring, Kafka and CockroachDB.

Experience : American Express

American Express

Engineer ISept 2017 - May 2019

Fulfilment Manager - A distributed system for the processing of all card member redemption's worldwide. Microservices written using Java and Spring, utilising Kafka for high throughput.

Select & Pay - Enable customers to pay for transactions using their accrued membership reward points. Support redemption of points against recurring subscriptions such as Netflix or Spotify, and integrates with services such as Amazon Pay and PayPal to enable you to pay with points directly at checkout.

LoungeBuddy - An application to allow platinum card members search for and view details of eligible airport lounges.

Spaceshare - An internal web application to optimise car park occupancy on Amex campuses by allocating empty car park spaces based on a fairness algorithm.

Experience : University of Southampton

University of Southampton

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)Sep 2013 - Jun 2017

BEng, Mechanical Engineering, 2:1

My Dissertation was to design and test an inertial measurement unit for automotive application, using a Kalman filter to improve the accuracy of the system.

Experience : Freelance Programming

Freelance Programming

Self EmployedMar 2011 - Jan 2017

Taught myself Java from the age of 15 and begun contributing to the Minecraft open source community on the Bukkit forums and was a member of staff for a brief period of time during University.

Regios - Author of the popular region management plugin for Bukkit, has over 150,000 downloads to date.

A* pathfinding - Developed the first open source A* implementation for Minecraft, receiving over 10,000 downloads.

Plugin Tutorial - Original author of the first official wiki page on plugin development, has around 200,000 views to date.

Closed Source - Development of bespoke plugins & software for many of the leading Minecraft server networks including: MineHeroes, GrandTheftMinecart, FadeCloud and Desteria.

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Although i'm not currently looking for freelance opportunities, I'm always open to making new connections or hearing about exciting opportunities. Whether it's to discuss a project, or just to drop me a line; feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to respond as quickly as I can!

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