[ My Portfolio ] A collection of my finest work.

Open Source Projects

  • Bukkit Plugin Tutorial, I am the original author of the first written plugin tutorial guide published on the Bukkit wiki page, it has since been edited to include additional content.
  • A* Pathfinding Library, rapid method to determine the shortest walkable route to a destination.
  • Regios, Region Managment Plugin.
  • Quest X (Not Maintained), Custom questing plugin, you can design your own quests,customisable rewards, character reputation system, custom pathing and AI settings for NPC's.
  • Reporter ( Transferred Project ), allows players to report rule breakers.
  • Block ID Favs, connects to a web server to save and load a list of your favourite blocks for easy access and use in-game.
  • Warzone (Not Maintained), 1 vs 1 dueling plugin, comes preloaded with 20 unique maps, smoke grenades, experience and leveing system with statistic tracking.
  • Pages, simple pagination class.
  • Singularity Grenade, class for creating a singularity grenade effect (seen in video below).

Closed Source Minigames

  • Blocks vs Zombies (BvZ).*
  • Cranked, with BungeeCord support.*
  • Guess That Build minigame.*
  • SMASH, super mario style brothers gamemode.*
  • GungerGames, hunger games with guns.
  • Skywars, with custom kits and powers.
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town minigame.
  • X-Run, freerunning minigame.
  • KitPvP, with custom class creation and killstreaks via GUI menus.
  • Domination, Call of Duty style objective capture gamemode.
  • Guardian, Gears of War styled protect the leader gamemode.
  • King of the Hill minigame.
  • Maze Infest, proceduraly generated mazes which players must try and escape from.
  • Players vs Zombies gamemode, players defend a base against a seige of zombies.
  • Standard survival games minigame.
  • Bomberman, players try to detonate objects which must be defended by the opposing team.
  • Dungeons minigame, procedurally generated dungeons filled monsters and challenges which players mut solve together.
  • Warzone minigame, TDM style game mode based on Gears of War game-mode.
* representative of gameplay, but footage not recorded on target server.

Mine Heroes

  • BungeeCord load balancer plugin for their hub servers
  • PlotMe extension allowing users to download a schematic of their plot from the server website.
  • Standard KitPvP gamemode, with a twist. Allowing users to create kit 'classes' and killstreaks via an extensive GUI menu; in a similar fashion to that used in the Call of Duty franchise.

The Zone Network

  • X-Run, a parkour inspired minigame featuring checkpoints and special effects.

Planet Beacon

  • Custom SkyWars minigame, players jump through a netherportal and are assigned to a game lobby. Standard gamemode with custom kits and effects and bespoke terrain rending system.
  • Blocks vs Zombies minigame where players must defend against a seige of hostile mobs.
  • Virtual chest/inventory allowing users to effectively 'save' an inventory. Syncs with MySQL for robust, reliable and efficient storage across multiple servers.
  • Custom server management system, creating new minigame instances when required and disposing of completed game instances, to ensure a constant supply of game servers scaling with player demand.
  • Effects plugin for giving users a host of fun and powerful abilities. Including spells, a singularity grenade effect (seen below) coupled with a procedural terrain regeneration system.


  • Fully fledged friend system including messaging. Using GUI menus to show online status, current server, and last seen time. Ability to view/send messages within GUI. Fully asynchronous and auto-updating, works seamlessly across all servers running on the lilypad proxy.
  • Marriage system, allowing players to marry one another. Works seamlessly across all servers running on the lilypad proxy and updates in real-time.
  • Efficient UUID/Username mapping system utilising MySQL and caching to provide duplex UUID-Username lookups.


  • Duel Arena gamemode, allowing users to challenge one another to duels with cash wagers.
  • Core systems plugin to efficiently combine functionality from a range of plugins to improve server performance. Includes numerous features for administrators and players alike including: autorestart, chat colour, chat tag, time lock, customisable player and tab list, kit preview and selection GUI's.
  • Core systems plugin to handle specific permissions for donator ranks.


  • PlotMe extension allowing users to bid on plots in an auction style system. Players winning an auction plot may move any of their existing plots to the advertised plot location for the duration of the advert. Users can also set a custom message while their advertisment is running which can be seen by everyone via the GUI.
  • Drop party plugin whereby upon reaching a configurable number of votes, mobs with different properties, trail effects and custom AI goals fall from the sky, dropping rewards and giving cash when slain.
  • Fully configurable GUI menu system. Supporting custom menu actions and events, allowing the administrator to create an unlimited number of menus with endless functionality.

Heroes of Galderon

  • Custom mob plugin. Involving advanced and configurable AI, by writing custom mob goals and pathfinders to change mob behaviour.
  • GungerGames, hunger games but utilising CrackShot's API to provide players with guns.

At a glance, some networks I've worked with.