I primarily use Java, but picking up a new framework or language isn't a problem. I have extensive programming experience and am comfortable developing both frontend and backend software applications, as well as setting up and managing infrastructure.

Minecraft Plugin Development - Since joining the Bukkit community in March, 2011 I have developed a wide variety of plugins, ranging from simple command based plugins, to fully fledged minigames running across multiple servers. I have worked extensively with BungeeCord and LilyPad and am comfortable developing applications for either proxy. I also have considerable experience with a variety of database management systems including: MySQL, MongoDB and MariaDB.

Web Development & Design - Although I primarily write code, I have a keen eye for quality design. I have developed a few small websites and management panels and have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PhP, AJAX, Javascript and jQuery.

Server Management - I have set-up and managed numerous servers for clients, as well as my own personal website and applications. As such I have experience with the setup, deployment and day to day maintenance of high performance servers. This includes the setup of a proxy network on linux allowing Minecraft users to seamlessly transition between servers.

You can see a collection of my work over on my porfolio page. Some of my open source work can also be found on my GitHub page. However as the majority of my development is private I do not release source code for these projects.

Alternatively, you can find me on the Bukkit and Spigot forums. If you are interested in working together then don't hesitate to get in touch: